Sunday, November 30, 2014

Long Island, Bahamas

Arriving on Long Island in calm waters on Thanksgiving Day. Waking the next day to blustery winds that haven't  stopped...

Always a beautiful sunset

Anna Mae is tucked in a nice slip at The Flying Fish Marina. Our days have been spent scouring the uninterrupted beaches for sea glass. Bridget and I have a nice collection.

The worlds free diving championships are being held at Dean's Blue Hole. Which is the world's deepest known Blu Hole that sinks some 663 feet and terminates in the Atlantic Ocean.

A Venezuelan diver humored me with a picture. His free dive record is 300 feet, amazing!

We enjoyed a delicious dinner with David and Jeanette Walker at Cape Santa Maria Restaurant, then danced at The shake and scrape at their Stella Maris Club.

This is what they call the scrape. A saw and screwdriver with duck tape wrapped at the end.  Bill needed another lesson, but we all had a great time.

The stunning beaches and views around the island are breath taking.


  1. You still look attractive at your age.

  2. Such a amazing place. I really have not known that Dean's Blue Hole is the deepest in the world.

  3. Truly an amazing place! I loved these beachside views. Thanks for these amazing photos. Many Beachside venues in NYC are very pretty. Beautiful sunset views can entrance any nature lover like me. I love spending time over there with my family.


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