Monday, November 17, 2014

Thunderball Grotto Staniel Cay Exumas

Thunderball Grotto an unforgettable marine cave. 

The cave has three entrances, all just barely lapped by water. At low tide we dove just two feet under jagged limestone to the hidden central caverns below.

As we entered the cave a multitude of colorful fish swarmed around us and our baggie of fish food. The coral and sponges along the exterior walls with shimmering shafts of sunlight pouring through holes in the ceiling illuminated the clear warm water below, was an amazing experience. 

Several movies such as 007’s Thunderball and Never Say Never Again, and the mermaid tale Splash where all filmed at this site. 

We have enjoyed our stay at Staniel Cay, anchored up in Big Major, with the swimming pigs, snorkeling in the clear blue water of  Thunderball Grotto, playing pool at the yacht club, exploring the island, visiting with other boaters and enjoying our concert/ movies on the bow of Anna Mae, makes for wonderful memories.

Unfortunately operator error erased our video... more to come