Thursday, March 22, 2012

Change in plans...

Our trip north has been changing from plan A to plan B then reevaluating the weather and changing yet again to plan C... We left Santa Barbara early, early, wednesday and traveled north to Half Moon Bay. The weather cooperated for the most part. The seas fluctuated between 8 and 12 feet at around 10 seconds. The ride was manageable but the fog was very thick. We made our way to Half Moon Bay on Wednesday about noon. The breakwater was a challenge with so much fog. But Bill maneuvered through it with our instruments and when we touched the dock we all took long naps to catch up on sleep. We are now headed north, just a short little run to Reyes bay just north of San Francisco. There is a break in the weather scheduled on saturday that we plan to take advantage of. We just passed the Golden Gate Bridge, but decided not to stop, maybe next time we pass through... Thor continues to plug along at 8-9 knots and makes me so thankful that we have such a great boat!