Monday, June 9, 2014

Key West to Palm Beach

The calm smooth waters off the Florida Keys allowed for a beautiful cruise north on our next leg up The East Coast to North Palm Beach. Anna Mae motored along through the 24 hour trip with accelerated speeds as the current pushed us along at 11.5 knots, quite a thrill for us slow going trawler types. The pocket book acknowledged it also.

An amazing front row seat for both the sunset and sunrise always makes me welcome a new day and appreciate another magnificent day of travel along the water.

Our first experience navigating in the shallow Inner Coastal Waterway along with trying to erase from our brains Red Right Returning proved interesting. Making our way to The Old Cove Marina, dodging the red and green markers, various Monday morning fishermen and our charts all showing different routes through the channel got everyones attention. Happy to make our way to the marina without touching bottom we all gave a collective sigh of relief, until the marina guided us into a slip that was to shallow... Anna Mae kissed the sandy bottom, relieving herself of some unwanted growth. We backed out, turned around and found a nice end tie on another dock.

The crew and captain are happy to be tied to the dock in a beautiful marina, and anxious to explore Palm Beach and surrounding areas.


  1. I'm not afraid to say these pictures made me well up inside and brought tears to my eyes in anticipation of seeing this one day with my own eyes from the bow of a boat. Beautiful!

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