Monday, June 23, 2014

North Palm Beach to North Carolina

Calm seas for the most part and an amazing lightening and thunder storm entertained us up the coast to North Carolina. We traveled in a straight line from Palm Beach Florida to North Carolina forcing us to travel off shore about 150 miles. It was the farthest I have ever been from land. Generally we run about 20 miles off shore. 

The gulf stream pushed us north adding to our speed. We felt as if we where fly at 12.5 knots, most of the time 9.5 is our comfortable cruising speed. Luckily we managed to outrun a thunder storm that kicked up the waters off the coast of South Carolina. The lightening was so amazing with jagged bolts snapping down all around us and thunder that sounded as if it was directly overhead. Luckily all the excitement ended as quickly as it started. The stories we have heard throughout our travels thus far have included lightening strikes on boats. Thankfully, Anna Mae and crew traveled through without anything to add, other than seeing mother nature in all her glory giving us a show we will not soon forget. I was so amazed how quickly it started and stopped. I was laying on the front deck in calm seas one minute and the next watching salt water blow over the bow from the safety of our pilot house, it was incredible. 

Entering The ICW again in North Carolina was another adventure in trying not to touch bottom. Unfortunately we arrived a few hours early and entered at low tide. The current was on our nose a couple of knots, but we pulled into Jarrett Bay Boat Works with no problem In Beaufort NC about 60 hours after leaving North Palm Beach. Anna Mae was hauled out and placed on the hard the next day for some minor repairs and a few upgrades. I am getting granite in the galley and so happy to have found the perfect slab for the job.

Bill was making sure the sling of the lift was in the correct placement and didn't come in contact with our stabilizer.

The East Coast is so interesting with the enormous amount of history that we are not accustomed to on The West Coast. This weekend we took a road trip to visit historic Charleston South Carolina. I can’t wait to go back, we didn’t have enough time to see everything that wonderful town has to offer.

 I love to explore old cemetaries, this live oak is 700 years old and resides at The famous Magnolia Cemetary in Charleston.

Anna Mae will stay at Jarrett Bay for the hurricane season while we fly home to celebrate the arrival of our first grandchild. When we return in October our plan is to continue our travels and explore The East Coast and Caribbean.

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